Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Math is Funny

Math could the hardest subject for most people, but some view it as a small
matter and the way they solve it proved it that they are right.
Share it with you guys since it cracked me up .... ::) LOL
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Haha.. Wonders, how come children on these day are very smart and cunning..

Only 55% of all Americans know that the sun is a star.

PETUA NENEK MOYANG?-Kurangkan Misai atau Janggut
Gunakan minyak tanah campurkan dengan bawang putih dan tumbuk lalu lumurkan pada misai atau janggut.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Useful Tips How to hide a rar or zip file in a picture

Do you want to hide any personal files from other's people that can get an access to your computer?Tired of using program like a program like folder locker (X secure pun sebenarnya, kalo tau cara x susah pun nk counter program nie :P).
I will outline an easy and very useful way of taking a picture and
hiding an archive (.rar .zip .7z) in it. You will need a basic knowledge of dos
(very basic) and whatever archive program you plan to use, I suggest we use
winrar for this tutorial.


To begin find the picture you want to use, for the sake of this tutorial use a .jpg
until you get the hang of it. Name it something easy for example "a.jpg" also place
it somewhere easy to get to in dos for example c:/. Now Get your archive (I use rar
files for many reasons that I will outline later on in the tutorial) and name it
something easy to remember just like the picture example b.rar and place it in
the same place as your picture ex. c:/

Lets begin

Now that you have your picture and your archive in the same place named with names
that are easy to remember, its time to start. Open up dos, this is easy go to start
then run (or press the "windows key" + r) and type cmd then hit enter. A black box should
come up, this is dos navigator to where you placed the picture and archive, for me
it was the "C:" drive so the command would be "cd c:\" now we are going to use the
copy \b command to combine the picture and archive to make a new picture. In my case,
this command would look like "copy \b a.jpg b.rar c.jpg" so you would use "copy \b
picturename.jpg archivename.rar finalname.jpg" replace each equivalent name with the name
you used. the final name being what you want to end up with make sure it ends in .jpg

How to Open These

There are many different ways to open picture archives, but the way i open it is by
right clicking the picture going to open with and then selecting winrar. you can also
open it by changing its extension from .jpg(or whatever picture type you used) to .rar
(again whatever archive program you used) you can also just place the path into the address bar in winrar.

Why Winrar compare to others?

I use winrar in general it seems quicker and more user friendly then other programs
however there are other upsides as well. with winrar you can place passwords on your
archive, by doing this you have basically encrypted the files you hid in your archive/picture.
With winrar you can also split the archive i haven't tested this however it may be possible
to split an archive and place each part into a separate picture allowing you to cut down on size.

Check this video..

Gooddluck trying it

Stepping in A Blog World

Welcome to the all singing, all dancing, testament to my self worth.

I have long intending to starts a blog , but I could not enter into this without taking the time to stop and look what goes on into making a blog to so that it dedicated to nothing but my opinion.After some research and reading to my friends blog I determine to embarking on in creating a a blog.

That' all for today.I have to study the features and settings in these blogspot, perhaps my friend who i can call 'senpai' in the blog world such as farid can give me some useful advices and tips.
see ya.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Greeting every1.